Mt. Wudang - Meeting The Daoist With The Mask

At Mt. Wudang still you can find here and there some not so well-known places away from the tourist routes, where you even sometimes meet some strange people! 


When i visit the first day the prince cave, i met a friendly guy, a chinese tourist who just came back from a hike around the nearby mountain. He told me that he visited a daoist hermit who was wearing a mask and is living in a small cliff cave named Three Pure Ones Cave (San Qing Dong, 三清洞) around 10 minutes by walk far away from the prince cave. 


Because i already heard some stories about this man before, i became curious and decided to go there and have a look by myself. Even the way to his place is not far, i would say it´s still difficult and a bit dangerous to reach!


To my surprise the cave is really small, full of garbage and actually there is no space even to sit! With me, there where also two other people visiting the man. 


I can´t say much about him personally, of what he is doing and what brought him to Wudang but what i read he is living in the mountains for already more then 20 years and cultivates his Dao. He just wears always the same clothings and a mask hidding his face, his life circumstances seems quite hard, no water sources like a well or something like that, his bed is his shelter, a simple box which protects him against bad weather. Trying to talk with him, i noticed that he can´t verbally communicate clearly with others. 


From time to time visitors and daoist nuns from the nearby Purple Heaven Palace come up to bring him some food, but man when i saw the buckets full of old noodles and rice, i would say no one of us would ever touch or try them. People say, that he just waits till the food starts to rotten when he accepts eating it! THAT´S REALLY TOUGH!!! 


After a couple of minutes, i also decided not to bother him to much so i made my way back to the prince cave! 


Nevertheless it was an interesting and strange meeting! My conclusion about it, at the end everyone must go his own way!

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