Mt. Wudang Five Dragon Temple 武当山五龙宫

In 2010 i traveled to Mt. Wudang and had the chance to visit the first time the Five Dragon Temple. From the first sight i literally fall in love with this wonderful place. 


Nowadays the temple is still a ruin, even they started to rebuilt it. It appears yet with it´s old charm, so majestic, peaceful and completely integrated within the nature. Like a sleeping dragon who protects the mountain. 


It is said that the Five Dragon Temple is the oldest daoist temple at Mt. Wudang. The temple was built in honour of Zhen Wu 真武 - "The True Warrior", who lived in the mountains and overcame after 42 years of cultivation the reign of the five dragons. Offside from the main tourist routes, the temple is located at the Wu long Ling Ying foothills, west of Tian zhu mountain. 


The surrounding of the temple area ist just beautiful and invites you to explore the different hidden places. You will find, small shrines, ruins, caves where people search for seclusion for their practice. Behind the main temple rises the Jade Peak or also called Wu Long Peak. By an walk of around 1 hour you are able to reach the top, it´s absolutely worth to visit this place! 


CCTV Documentary about the Five Dragon Temple (chinese)

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