Wudang 13 Pillars 武当十三站桩功

Within the Wudang Principles WDP Classics program the set of the 13 pillars (standing meditation) exercises are one of the five major fundamentals. The pillars can be practiced individually or as a whole set. The time frame is also flexible and should be practice according to the personal level and physical conditions of the practitioner.

Wudang 13 Pillars Standing Mediation
© Photo by Karsten Prausse I
Tang Li Long www.wudang-academy.com
wudang xuanwu 13 pillar by master tang l
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Timetable for the whole set

Name Pinyin Free Translation  Time
1. 抱元守一 Bào yuán shǒu yī Embrace eternity, keep the oneness 15 min.
2. 无极桩 Wújí zhuāng The non pole pillar 15 min.
3. 阴阳守丹 Yīnyáng shǒu dān Yin Yang protecting the elixir 2,5 min. (each side)
4. 三才桩   Sāncái zhuāng Three body pillar 15 min. (each side)
5. 寒鸡桩 Hán jī zhuāng Winter rooster pillar 2,5 min. (each side)
6. 大字桩 Dàzì zhuāng Pillar of the character great 5 min. (each side)
7. 七星桩 Qīxīng zhuāng Seven star pillar 3 - 5 min.
8. 龙腾桩 Lóngténg zhuāng Rising dragon pillar 2 min. (each side)  
9. 指天画地桩 Zhǐ tiān huà dì zhuāng Pointing to heaven and earth pillar 5 min. (each side)
10. 浑圆桩 Húnyuán zhuāng The cosmic cycle pillar 30 min. (max. 45 min.)
11. 蛇缠桩 Shé chán zhuāng The snake winding around the pillar 2,5 - 5 min. (each side)
12. 降龙桩 Xiáng lóng zhuāng Subdue the dragon pillar 3 - 5 min. (each side)
13. 伏虎桩 Fú hǔ zhuāng Taming the tiger pillar 3 - 5 min. (each side)

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    Ralf (Donnerstag, 04 Oktober 2018 14:48)

    Would it be possible to add some clip-links for each practice?
    E.g. i know how to do Wújí zhuāng....but im utterless clueless about Yīnyáng shǒu dān or the like.

    Otherwise it is a really lovely idea :)
    Thanks ever so much!