1st WDP World Meeting Greece 2019

In April 2019 the first international WDP meeting took place in the beautiful city of Chania, where the Greek WDP headquarter is located under the direction of Manos Kantidakis. link WDP Greece


From more than 10 countries people came together, to train hard, to learn and to spend a wonderful time with old and new friends and make so the whole camp to an unforgettable event!


When arriving at Manos school, immediately i felt home, everything remind me on the WDP school in Berlin, where i had the great opportunity to live and learn for several years! Everything is arranged with love and attention to the small things. You can feel that this place was build by dedication and love for the art and the people.


In one corner you have the lion with the weapons beside, in the next you have the aquarium where the fishes watching carefully what is going on around them, at the entrance you have the picture wall showing all the great memories, in the big hall you find the beautiful wall painting showing Zhong Kui - the demon slayer, and the well decorated altar in front of you.


Even though the place is beautiful by itself, what truly makes it special, alive and gives it it´s soul are the people who come to train, laugh and spent some good and important time together! 


With a great opening show, where all instructors gave a short introduction of there specialties and skills, the camp was started, followed by the first evening training.


The training sessions where varied, instructive and challenging. I guess, it must be around 10 hours full power training everyday ... oh man ... that was really hard but worth! For me it was a pleasure to see, no matter if beginner, advanced or instructors that all gave their best and contributed to a great atmosphere, not only within the training but also after it! 


From the Zhaobao Taijiquan and Chinese Boxing under the direction of Ismet and Stev, the Tang Lang Quan sessions lead by Manos and the power Taiji Flow units with the Shadow Twins from the Ukraine Slava and Urii, there was always something for every participant to learn and take it with them home to continue and deepen their training.


Beside the training sessions, we had just little spare time to explore the city, but when there was some time we use it to stroll through the small streets Chania, sitting at the harbor in one of the many restaurants, enjoying all the delicious foods.


Unfortunately, the 4 days passed too fast, to leave the place and the people was not easy but like the saying goes ... "Once doesn't count" ... the next big world meeting is already planning :)


A BIG BIG THANKS to everyone who make such moments possible and so unique! 

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