Three heavenly gates and the five dragon peak

After we finished our short chat with the farmer who repair the stairs, we continued our way up to the five dragon peak! 


Mostly everyone who is visiting Mt. Wudang knows the famous pilgrimage route from the southern cliff palace (Nan Yan Gong / 南岩宫) up to the Golden Summit (Jin Ding / 金顶) the highest spot in the whole mountain range. Beside endless stairs, some small temples and shrines on the way you will pass three heavenly gates before reaching the top. 


When you go up to the five dragon peak, there are also three gates ... three heavenly gates, it depends on if you want to see them as such but i guess most of the people would not even notice them as heavenly gates but for us they are there!


Sometimes a gate (field) can be a special place, where you have the feeling that there is some kind of different energy you go through! Sound crazy but places like that exist everywhere around the globe and don´t need to be man-made! To Recognize the importance of the insignificant!


On the way up, you will also find some small shrines, offside the main trail and following a little turnoff, walking through thickets, you will find a cliff cave which where used back then and maybe nowadays again somebody choose to live there, who knows! For sure an interesting place to visit but very difficult and dangerous to reach! Here you find some fotos of that cave by Eva Ming ... click 1  2


From the temple of the five dragons up to the summit it takes around 1 to 1 1/2 hour, depending how fast to want to walk. 


After passing the third heavenly gate we reached the top, we where curious what will await us up there! Surprisingly we found that two people, a woman and an old man living there and using this place for there personal cultivation.The area includes a simple farmers mud house, when i remember right with maybe three or four rooms, two rooms where you can sleep, one altar room and a kitchen. Beside the main building, you have also luck to enjoy the super version of an oldschool chinese toilet :) . Beside the buildings, there is a fountain and small fields for planting your own vegetables.


They both where very friendly and after offering us some fresh water, we talked a little bit about how is it to live here so isolated and what brought them to this place! The old man was the first time here and just give it a try, but the woman said she comes every year for 1 or 2 month for cultivation. After asking her what does she practice, she just answered, nothing special ... i just come and live here for a while without any special method ... the daily life is my practice! She added, that she and her husband always alternate each other, when she goes back to her hometown and family, he will come and stay also for some time! When I get that right together, she also said, that her father several years ago had a vision in his dream about Wudang and the Wu Long Ding and that he should go there. He never been in Wudang before, he was searching for that place for a while and finally he found that place what he saw in his dream and started building this house. 


In 2011 when we came back and lived at the Five Dragon Temple, we met a daoist monk who seems also to take care of that place!



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