Fang Song Gong 放松功 - Relaxation as a way to enter the silence

In the Hui Chun Qi Gong set, the Fang Song Gong or relaxation method is one of the most important and basic exercises that serves on one hand as a preparation method for going into the following exercise. Later on, it will underlie all the other Qi Gong exercises, helping to build up the correct body posture and connecting the three outer harmonies with each other.

Relaxing sequence - the listed order is not a must, it is only one way how you can do it!


Each of these points can be relaxed with the help of the breath. By breathing in, perceiving the point, breathing out, relaxing the point!



It can be varied, that one stays at one point one breath or three breaths!

There are different variations of the Fang Song Gong exercises:


  • still
  • dynamic
  • standing
  • sitting
  • laying down

General Body alignment - form head to the toes

  • Head is upright
  • Head / Baihui pushes lightly towards heaven
  • Tongue supports the palate, the palate supports the head, the head support the heaven
  • Neck is straight
  • Chin lightly tucked in
  • Yu Zhen - Jade Pillow pulls lightly back
  • Back / spine is straight
  • Shoulders dropping naturally towards earth
  • Chest is empty (like you sigh)
  • Arms / hands hanging relaxed downwards
  • Hips are relaxed
  • Legs are straight
  • Knees are relaxed and not stiff 
  • Body weight is even on both feet
  • Feet press into the ground, as the roots of a tree
  • Feet can be put parallel or naturally like the chinese characters eight 八
  • Whole body feels comfortable
  • Look into the distance, into the void or close your eyes
  • Hear into the distance


Start and relax from the head downwards:

  1. Bai Hui, top of the head
  2. Yin Tang, forehead
  3. Tai Yang Temples
  4. Both sides of the face
  5. Eyes
  6. Ears
  7. Yu Zhen, Jade Pillow
  8. Neck
  9. Shoulders
  10. Elbows
  11. Hands, wrists,
  12. Lao gong, Palace of Labour 
  13. Chest
  14. Qi Hai, Sea of Qi
  15. Belly, internal organs
  16. Spine, Back
  17. Ming Men, Gate of Life
  18. Lower back
  19. Waist, Hips
  20. Knees
  21. Feet
  22. Yong Chuan, Bubbling Spring



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