The Back to Spring Qi Gong set of 9 consecutive exercises combines the silent standing meditation with the moving meditation. Based on the daoist world view, all practices are for physical and spiritual cultivation. 


The next step is from the standing meditation into the walking meditation. The learned principles from the standing exercises are now connected with the step work. Here we practice the 6 harmonies and the constant flow of motion while internally maintaining stillness.


The Taijiquan which is taught has it´s roots in the daoist teaching of the Wudang Xuan Wu sect. The movements of Taijiquan are gentle and harmonious!

The lessons are systematically structured, they containing various methods of the WDP Classics, all exercises will be practiced in detail and depth! The training is suitable for people of all ages,  students will be taught accordingly to their physical abilities and goals.


The health prevention and holistic life care is the focus of the lessons!