Internal Feng Shui or how to bring your life back into balance!

"Higher ... Faster ... Further" is the motto that dominates almost every aspect of our daily life. The consequences are burnout, depression, insomnia and many other lifestyle diseases. Living in our modern societies with all that time pressure and unlimited competitions, many people feel overwhelmed and thrown out of their center!


Consciously or unconsciously, we can feel this imbalance in ourselves, but nevertheless we always try again and again to put ourselves back in the given structures in order to fulfill the external demands! This constant suppression of our personal wishes and the non-harmonious lifestyle leads sooner or later that we get mentally and physically ill.


To give yourself a break, space and time where you can breathe deeply and let go of the daily stress, can be the beginning to arrange your life in a more positive way!

The five pillars!

Holistic Lifestyle - from inside to outside, everything starts within yourself! The way how we think, feels and act, will shape one's own life! The five pillars opens up some ideas how you can reshape your life, each of the individual pillars complements the others, all interacting with each other, nourishing and supporting each other!

  • mental balance

  • healthy diet

  • movement

  • fasting of the five senses

  • (self ) healing

Mental Balance

If the wish for a change in life has become strong enough, the way to go inward is open!


The step into silence, schooling the mind by looking inside! Every thought, every word and every action carries weight and generates power! Through self-observation of one´s own restless thoughts and their interaction with the emotions, we learn step by step to know about these powers and how we can use them positively to overcome bad habits and deal with problems in out everyday life to achieve more balance.


Healthy Diet

Creating a new awareness of how we can nourish our body and soul!



Wer rastet der rostet, ist nicht nur ein leerer Spruch!

Bewegung ist Leben und so sollten wir uns darum bemühen Wege zu gehen die uns körperlich kraftvoll und geschmeidig machen und uns ins Gleichgewicht bringen!

Fasting of the five senses

Everything that goes to extremes will sooner or later be exhausted, therefore the human nature wishes to find balance and live in harmony! For a certain time, consciously letting go of things to overcome constraints and addictions!


(Self) healing

It starts from within, through the firm trust in the powers that are given to everyone! Healing through the knowledge of the origin of all things and the unification of the inside and outside!