'TAICHI' what was originally developed as a fighting art, has evolved over centuries into 
one of the most popular ways of staying healthy. 

Everyday millions of people worldwide, young and old, practicing together and 
enjoying the art of Taichi. 


In a society which is characterized by time pressure, endless competitions and an overload of information, many people feel tired and stressed out, they feel that their life is out of balance. 

Based on the taoist worldview, with the universal principle of harmonizing stillness and movements within our lifes, the methods of Qigong and Taijiquan offer people a holistic way to care for their health of body and mind.

With regular practice, these methods can help us to create more balance in our everyday life, strengthened and vitalizing body and relaxing our minds.


Norman Török is a german born martial arts  and personal coach. 

With over 30 years of  experiences, Norman began with the age of eleven his martial arts training (including trad. Chinese Martial Arts, Beijing Opera, Modern Wushu). 

Currently Norman is living in Berlin and  

teaches the arts of Qigong and Taichi with great passion to anyone who is interested in.


Private Training

The training will be teached one on one, whatever aspect you are interested in we concentrate on it. Together we can create a optimal programm for your personal needs and goals.

Tuition fee per hour 70,- €

Online Private Training

Take advantage and start with your Taichi training directly wherever you are. Each lessons is systematically structured so you can follow and practice everything from your home.

Tuition fee per hour 60,- €

Outdoor Training

Every saturday morning, regular outdoor training, in a small group we practice together through all four seasons. 

Free trial training can be arranged at any time! 

Tuition fee per month 50,- €

Start the Journey

The journey of a thousand miles begins by getting in touch! Tell me your goals and let’s talk about how we can start your training. 



contact (at) taichifeelgood.de

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