Wudang Chronicles

Wudang Chronicles · 10 Oktober 2019
SHIYAN, Hubei - On a sweltering afternoon, a group of Europeans in traditional white Chinese shirts and dark baggy pants sit in a big circle on a lawn meditating. After about half an hour, they start to practice tai chi in pairs, pushing each other's hands. They are from the Wudang Five Dragons Tai Chi School in the Wudang Mountains, Central China's Hubei province.
Wudang Chronicles · 27 November 2018
After passing the third heavenly gate we reached the top, we where curious what will await us up there! Surprisingly we found that two people, a woman and an old man living there and using this place for there personal cultivation.The area includes a simple farmers mud house, when i remember right with maybe three or four rooms, two rooms where you can sleep, one altar room and a kitchen. Beside the main building, you have also luck to enjoy the super version of an oldschool chinese toilet :) .

Wudang Chronicles · 27 November 2018
There are three major events which happened back then in the year 2010 and 2011 at Mt. Wudang which had a very deep impact on me and my further way of thinking. In this episode i want to share a shot story about a man we have met on the way up to the five dragon peak.
Wudang Chronicles · 13 Oktober 2018
When i visit the first day the prince cave, i met a friendly guy, a chinese tourist who just came back from a hike around the nearby mountain. He told me that he visited a man who was wearing a mask and is living in a small cave around 10 minutes by walk far away from the prince cave.

Wudang Chronicles · 03 September 2018
After 7 years, i had finally time to go back to Mt. Wudang and spend some wonderful days there! In this post i want to share some impressions of my stay at the Prince Cave the place where the daoist hermit Jia Yongxiang aka "The Bee Daoist" lives and cultivates!
Wudang Chronicles · 16 Juni 2017
The Five Dragon Temple is the oldest daoist temple at Mt. Wudang. The temple was built in honour of Zhen Wu 真武 - "The True Warrior", who lived in the mountain and overcame after 42 years of cultivation the reign of the five dragons.