Are you HAPPY??? - Wudang Chronicles

There are three major events which happened back then in the year 2010 and 2011 at Mt. Wudang which had a very deep impact on me and my further way of thinking. In this episode i want to share a shot story about a man we have met on the way up to the five dragon peak.


It was a wonderful summer day, blue sky and the sun was shining brightly. We just finished the morning training and our lunch when we decided to have a little walk around the temple area, with full belly and midday heat :) . Around the temple ruins there are many small trails where you can stroll around and explore the area and enjoy the beautiful scenery!


Ismet and i choosed to go behind the ruin of the main hall and see what we can find over there. As we arrived at a clearing, we saw not so far from us the top of the Jade Peak (Yu Ding) which is also called Five Dragon Peak (Wu Long Ding). Without further ado, we decided straight to go up and see what is waiting of us over there! Occasionally, here and there where some old stone stairs which made the walk up a bit easier but most of the time the way where just unpaved trails. 


As we where walking and talking, we saw a man in front of us fixing the way and repairing stairs which were already in bad condition. We greeted each other and started to have a little chat. He must have thought, these Laowais are really everywhere! No just kidding, he was really a nice guy, a simple farmer who just took care that the way is safe for the people living there! 


When you are in the mountains which are famous for a long tradition where people choosed to live in seclusion to become hermits or monks to cultivate the Dao, you are curious like little kid and you want to know everything about it and try to find some of that special people and places which only very few know about. 


Out of that curiosity we asked him if he knew such places and if so if he can show us around, surprisingly his answer was: ...


... 你们高兴吗? ... ARE YOU HAPPY???


Without a joke, at that moment even i didn´t realized and understand the complete meaning of that answer, it had such a big impact it was like i was hit by an full speed train! So simple and powerful at the same time!


We want to look for a cave and hermit ... and he said "ARE YOU HAPPY?"




When i remember right, after hearing that, we must laugh, we where surprised and happy to get such an unexpected answer!


How wonderful was and is that event till today for me :)



Where is the temple, when not in my heart?!


Where is the cave, when not in my heart?!


Where is the hermit, when not in my heart?!


Where is the monk, when not in my heart?!


Where is the way, when not in my heart?!



Where i can find anything, when not within myself? Don´t search for the things in the outside! You want happiness, then you must have the wish and go inside! ... INSIDE!!!


A restless heart is always searching in the outside, searching for security ... searching ... searching ... searching! 


This outside search is necessary for a certain amount of time, but at one point in our life this search will naturally be exhausted by itself, when this happens we will have two options, we can continue to think and live like we did it all the years before, repeating the same patterns day in day out OR we are willing to put our whole intention to the inside (heart) and change our way of how we live and see this world.


I want happiness, then i must do something and be the change i want to see!


BTW ... don´t get confused by the term happiness, it dosn´t mean to run around and see everything through rose-colored glasses with a fake smile on the face!


It is more a way how we see our life and how we choose to live it!


Thanks to him pointing and reminding where to go the way! 


... to be continued!

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